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A passionate, claircognizant being with a desire to inspire...

Inked Magazine's "Hottest Pole Dancer in Canada"
model for 2 'magic: the gathering' cards
Co-founder of Vancouver's

'Passion Portal' & 'PURR' event series

Kosmic Kitty is a Queer POC Canadian DJ, singer/songwriter, dance performer, and model with a passion for raising the vibes of the planet through expressing her soul through her art. She took a nosedive into circus arts after high school and took to the stage in 2016. That year she performed an opening act for Suicide Girls and won 4 amateur dance contests in a row before deciding it was time to professionally pursue a career in performance arts. She has since made a name for herself in Vancouver, as well as communities across the globe by performing in both nightclubs and at large-scale music festivals. Not only that, but she is the co-founder and visionairy of two legendary event series' in Vancouver.

She is a self-taught vocalist and writer - As soon as she was able to put pen to paper as a child, she discovered the gift of creativity through words and was able to translate her ideas and emotions into art. As a teenager, she became involved in the underground rave scene in her hometown of Victoria, BC. It didn't take long for her to feel a sense of belonging and to develop a love for connecting with others through dance and music. The raver became the DJ, and most recently, the DJ then became the musician. Her most notable moment as a DJ was in 2019 when she was booked to perform at her first headliner event in Tokyo, Japan.

She currently resides in Vancouver Canada where she spends her time learning music production and levelling up her performance artistry with trusted mentors. With aspirations of further exploring a career as an international artist - Her sole focus is on producing her own music, DJ'ing live at events, building her Baelien Bling fashion brand and performing pole dance as well as aerials.

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