Kosmic Kitty grew up living that island girl lifestyle, but as of almost three years ago she moved to Vancouver to further pursue her passions and life has simply exploded with opportunity and creations since that challenging transition. With a desire to inspire, she revels in owning her individuality and embodying a powerful feminine strength to ignite the flame of lifting others up. For the past 7 years she was learning and (in later years) performing circus arts until she more recently decided to dedicate more of her focus and energy towards pole dancing and creating online dance and yoga tutorials on Patreon. Kosmic Kitty is an active body, sex and art-positive enthusiast in the cities overlapping communities with her involvement in Sin City, Vancouver Fetish weekend, her Passion Portal event series, and her more recent event series launch of PURR in Vancouver which is also hosted with the founders of Sin City Fetish Night & CATHAÜS. The event series have been very well received and she greatly anticipates more magic to unravel with the expansion of her parties and pursuits.

One of her greatest accomplishments since moving to Vancouver would be the epic manifestation of her vision that is Passion Portal: Enchanted Forest Party - A party series that she runs bi-monthly with Sin City and Vancouver Fetish Weekend founder Isaac Terpstra, with cages to dance in and next-level art installations, providing endless opportunities to showcase and hire a number of different artists at every event in a safe space (dancers, circus artists, live painters, vendors, beat boxers, DJ's, bodywork specialists, oracle readers and so much more). Alike to the cat themed event series of PURR, these parties are unlike anything Vancouver and Vancouver Island has ever seen and it's truly something special that our growing family intends to expand and refine for years to come.


Kosmic Kitty has been modeling for about 11 years, training circus arts for the last 7 years and is consistently adding to her repertoire. In recent years she has performed fire for her first time Summer '17 at the renowned Symbiosis Gathering, performing in the Costa Rican jungle at Bamboo Bass Festival as well as Envision Festival, her first feature hula hoop performance across the country from the West coast to the East at a beautiful gathering called Future Forest Festival as well as an opening act for the Suicide Girls of Blackheart Burlesque in Victoria, B.C. Her pursuit of performance arts hasn't come to end but she has shifted focus - delving deeper into her love of music with DJing - utilizing her history in the scene and musical tastes as a dancer, her intent is to evoke emotion and inspiration. She's off to a big start having DJ'd in Tokyo twice late 2019 with numerous bookings starting to pop up since then!

In the modeling and performance world, Kosmic Kitty landed her first magazine cover and spread with Femme Magazine Spring 2018. Images from the shoot were enlarged and printed as jumbo-size tapestries and showcased at festivals across British Columbia, along with recognition from world-renowned alternative lifestyle publication 'Inked Magazine' for her pole dancing and creative aesthetic. One of her most cherished projects was with none other than Star Wars' character designer Iain McCaig, whom hired her to model in a shoot to be used as a reference for him to sketch and create the art for two rare Magic: The Gathering cards. Aside from these recent opportunities, Kosmic Kitty has had the pleasure of performing at Shambhala Music Festival for  8 consecutive years but has taken 2019 off to solely focus on healing, grounding and finding clarity - Time that has proven to be very beneficial as the strides she's taking now are bigger than ever (and in good timing) as she sets foot into 2020 with a fiery ambition towards carving out a heart-centered life of passion, growth and art.

With a desire to inspire and available for hire...
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