Aligning with my Divine Passion

"Set your life on fire, and seek those that fan your flames." ~ Rumi

Since I've learnt the hard way to put my foot down and set my boundaries, in knowing the kind of connections I'd like to have - I've felt so much more energized focusing on people and opportunities that add life to my life, and see the best in me. Strong people collaborate, they don't compete. Staying aligned with the divine passion within my soul, naturally connects me to those that I am meant to combine flames with. I trust in myself and I trust in the flow.

Y'know it's funny, I knew I would be a fire performer since middle school. How? Not too sure. It was something that spoke to me, from deep within. I had no idea what props I would use, or when it would happen, but as my life unfolded the way it has - my relationship with fire was introduced to me just in the last year, and it ignites me from within. It challenges me to my very core, and the act alone burns away impurities within my mind.

The first time I performed fire was at Symbiosis Gathering 2016, at the Kidzbiosis tent, for approximately 70 children. While their parents went off to indulge under the stars for the evening. These bright, little souls anticipated our impromptu fire performance with no shortage of excitement. Not only was this my first time performing with fire, but it was also my first real time experiencing fire hoop. Let alone in front of a crowd. I remember, with confidence and enthusiasm, agreeing to the performance, and the moment those flames illuminated my body, and I felt their warmth, I eased my mind with words that had been spoken to me: "Just. Plug. In." And I did just that, I was present, I was in my flow, I was inspired, reveling in sharing this beautiful experience with children whose lives I may have just inspired for years to come.

"She's my favourite..." I heard a little girl say in the crowd while I spun, in awe, between the sounds of the pounding drums to my left. It was mystical, enchanting, and I ended up making a contact afterwards that wanted to book me for future events in Los Angeles.

It's amazing what happens when we place trust within ourselves. When we push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, and when the pursuit of our passions reach fulfillment after patience and perseverance. Alas, there will always be room to grow and opportunities in life will multiply, as we pursue them.

~ Kosmic Kitty

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