Letting Go of Those That No Longer Serve Your Growth

(Image from a photo shoot yesterday that was styled by dear friend Ebonnie AKA The Hunter, whom constructed the wings and the feather hair accessories, photographed by Steve Lukinuk Photography in Victoria, BC)

When your inner world shifts, your outer world shifts to meet it. This notion has been truly astounding for me as all the intense growth that has taken place in my life these last few weeks have propelled a new way of being for me that doesn't judge myself, that stands up for myself, with love, that knows the importance of saying "No" in creating firm boundaries that build SELF-trust, and yet continues to love everyone deeply, nonetheless.

People that no longer serve the greater good of my being, all seem to be falling out of my life at this time. And in ways, it seems messy, like they're abrasive, clawing at whatever they can from me while they fall by the wayside. But I am standing my ground and not settling for anything less then positive vibrations and compassion. And that is my gift to me, and my gift to them as well.

In their place, the most beautiful, passionate and real people have been shining and sharing their love with me. I feel blessed in knowing that even though it may seem you're losing something good, you will have room for something better that you may not have seen before, or had the capacity to be open to before.

Stay true to you, my friends.

Allow yourself to be open to receiving the abundance that the universe pours upon you. In doing so, the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.

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