The Fuck Yes vs. Fuck No Philosophy

(Photo by Steve Lukinuk Photography, Victoria B.C.)

I recently connected with a new friend, and I have never felt so close to anyone in such a short span of time. They said the same thing about me, and our connection bloomed beautiful conversations based on our life philosophies. One of which, makes me happy to share with you, yes you, right meow.

Me: I have this philosophy in life when making decisions. It's allowed me to really tap into the pursuit of what and who I really want in my life.

Him: What is it?

Me: It's the 'Fuck yes... Or fuck no' philosophy.

Him: You're missing something.

Me: What's that?

Him: Fuck. IT.

Me: *mind blown*

How simple, of a notion. This shared ideology that we have the power to simply say, "fuck it" in a situation that doesn't feel good, or serve our growth, and not even in a negative way. As opposed to running towards, or running away. It's a simple, cool, calm and collected approach to dealing with life's decisions, no matter how big or small.

I hope that this helps whoever is reading, in deciding something for your life. Today.


#fuckyes #fuckno #philosophy #fuckyesorfucknophilosophy #inspiration

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