Finding your Personal Power: Distinguish your Energy from the Energy of Others

Our strength stems from various sources. Perhaps we harness our strength from the support and love we receive from family, friends or lovers. Perhaps we only look within to tap into our power and the beliefs we tell ourselves in fulfilling our own self recognition. Or perhaps it's a blend of all of the above. I think the strongest foundation comes from harnessing our strength from within. What do I mean by that?

Well, as seen in the image above, (which I find to be incredibly resonant in my life and useful information to remind ourselves of) it all starts with us. You know how they say, when your inner world changes, your outer world shifts to meet it? This implies that our perspective plays a huge role in how we go about how our lives, how we navigate through with the choices we make, the attitude we bring to everyday life or how we react to unexpected or unfavorable situations.

It all boils down to self love, self trust and self respect.

Ask yourself these questions. Be honest. See and feel where you are at, for what it really is.

Do I love myself?

The well of self-love is endless. If you're unsure of this one or you'd just like to reflect. You can observe that how you treat others is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. I think it's crucial all beings place value on the importance of self love. Self love in the form of being realistic with yourself and others about how you really feel and self love in the form of patience and care with oneself. You yourself merit the care you extend out to others - And that is my message for your people-pleasers out there.

I think when you are feeling abundant within your own self you have so much more to give others, because although it may feel good to, we should be mindful of the place from which we are giving from.

A beautiful exercise in attracting more abundance into our lives is to practice gratitude. Feeling grateful draws in a deeper sense of abundance.

Don't compare what you have in your life, to anyone else's life. If anything, our differences should propel us in inspiring ways as they show us new ways to be ourselves.

Do I trust myself?

Trust is something that's built over time. To trust someone is to be bonded with them. It's that certainty that you can count on somebody. Now, self-trust differs for all people depending on the patterns we may have in our lives. Do we say we'll do something and then actually fulfill it? Perhaps we said we wouldn't do something but then we actually did. These types of actions in turn can impact our self trust.

It's a balancing act, especially when our minds and our hearts can feel at times in opposition. When we can establish a self trust within ourselves that our actions are towards the greater good of our well being, and that these healthy choices we make and stick to are good for us, we're not only feeding our well of self love by taking care of ourselves but we're placing trust in ourselves and that is a key asset to our personal power as individuals.

But it's not something we obtain for good. All of us must work to stay strong. In the words of JP Sears (seen in photo below) from a talk I went to at Symbiosis Gathering in California last September - Life is like surfing.

Even if we have a routine, the majority of us are subject to unpredictability in our everyday lives. Circumstances may come up for us, where even if we thought we were cool, calm and collected - It can hit us unexpectedly, leaving us feel unbalanced, uncertain, or wavering in who we are or how we feel. I'm here to help you, my readers, in finding your roots.

The branches above may be affected by the wind. But what's within us, the unseen - Is powerful beyond measure when we cultivate a strong foundation of self trust.

Do I respect myself?

I think to respect ourselves requires us to truly know ourselves. So it's important to dig deep and ask:

Are your beliefs in light of the greater good of your well being? Are your beliefs self-limiting? We choose to respect ourselves when we treat ourselves with care and we see where we're at in our life for what it truly is. We look back and reflect on where we came from and all that comes with it, to shape who we are today.

We may not be proud of where we come from, our choices we have made leading up to the now - But everyday breeds new opportunities everywhere to shape ourselves into somebody we admire.

In regards to how people treat us, it's incredibly valuable to bare in mind that how people treat us is their karma and not for us to take personally or to waiver us unless we allow it to. When we are firm within ourselves and our self value, we will not be wavered. How we react to whatever kind of treatment we're given is our karma. When someone treats us in an unfavorable way, to react to him or her in the same way not only meets them on the same level and frequency - but you end up feeling bad and more than likely worsening the situation.

The strength we maintain has the power to transmute ourselves and others.

In the face of an emotional outburst of pain and anger (anger being pains bodyguard) we can show peace, love and unwillingness to reflect back the same emotions. We can hold space for tremendous healing in people by being present, caring, and un-reactive emotionally. If he/she gets upset that we're not matching them in how they're feeling, that is simply a natural and common indication that the person is clinging so tightly to those feelings that they can't help but long to feel met in it.

However, in this situation - You're doing this person and yourself a favour by standing your ground and not tolerating any negative impact on your own self.

In this, you are leading by example ultimately showing your self-respect, and it might not appear it for the other person but it's also a powerful act of love and respect for them too.

Thank you for reading, friends! I hope that this post has been reflective and informative for my readers. Please subscribe to my blog to stay up to date with all of my posts. Up next I have a feature post on one of the most powerful, creative and renowned performance groups in the world. Featuring exclusive interviews with the founder and core members. Stay tuned by subscribing here.

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