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I've been quite introspective lately and being single after living as a hopeful romantic for many years - have recently been reaching greater levels of self acceptance and self certainty.

In these shifts, I am realizing in the past that I have been attracted to emotional unavailability and have had fears around keeping a high standard due to the possibility of missing out. I am starting to see more clearly that having a high standard actually works as an amazing filter in life.

I think its actually quite courageous when men (or women or non-binary folks) TRY and are willing to show their true emotion when it comes to someone they feel drawn to. The worst that can happen is someone will not meet you in that same attraction or interest - then you move on with that newfound clarity, onward towards continuing to create your best life (and maybe with a new friend out of them instead - because there is obviously a quality or two in this person that you admire!).

Just because you are attracted to someone it does not mean you have to connect with them in a romantic or sexual way. There are always lessons to learn and stepping out of your comfort zone will dazzle you in ways that truly initiate growth!

Anyways, I hope that sharing this helps others! Thank you for reading.

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