VanCity: People Like To Gossip

Maybe it's a bigger city thing as I come from an island lifestyle but what I've learnt since moving to Vancouver - is that people really like to talk about other people. A lot of the time re-hatching what they've heard or misconstrued which creates an endless cycle of misinformation and for what? To feel self righteous? To feel like they have some little gem of information that they were oh so special as to inherit because they're so solid and trustworthy? (*eyeroll*). Maybe it's to pass the time because their life lacks meaningful activity and connection?

Whatever it be, people need to remember that it all boils down to everyone's unique journey. People can be intimidated by what they don't understand and it's okay, everyone's journey is their own to make sense of.

No, we don't choose the cards we've been dealt with in life but we do choose how we play them. No, you didn't choose for that horrible thing to happen to you but it is your responsibility to work through it so you can strive towards living a fulfilling, functional life. (You know, if you're a decent human being which is what I'm hoping if you're reading this right now.)

There's a difference between gossip and constructive discussion.

People that gossip, I feel, really need to take painful looks at themselves and understand that that is a display of disrespect for others and themselves. People that have conscious, constructive discussions have the greater interest of people in general and aren't so quick to judge or condemn others based on what they see or hear should pat themselves on the back for being awake and (da-da-da-da!) REAL. Thank you, if you're one of those people.

Now, some of you may wonder what's inspired this post? It's not hard to guess that I have been a victim of gossip - people talking about me behind my back and I hear about it.

Trust me, I get it. I'm pretty out-there compared to the majority of humans (that I've met at least). I've lived a life of intensity and exploration. I've been bold, taking risks that have both worked in my favour amazingly and others that I've had to suffer severe consequences over. But you know what? I'm willing to take accountability for my actions. I'm willing to take painful looks at myself in order to actually do the real work inside.

And I have been.

What's been uncovered has been absolutely incredibly impactful for my transmutation and personal growth. It's part of why I'm able to articulate myself and write what you're reading now.

I have messages to share and this is one of them:

Stop. Speaking. Ill. Of. People.

Of me - of anyone.

I find it very helpful to get into the habit of asking yourself;

Is this true?

Is this necessary?

Is this kind?

Is this in alignment with the life that I'm trying to create for myself?

If you've come this far, thank you so much for taking the time to read my Kosmic Blog! I hope that my words have managed to help you find some peace and clarity in one way or another. <3

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