Quixotic Review ~ Witnessing my Dreams Before my Eyes at Envision Festival 2017

Let's go back, just a couple weeks from today. I was in Costa Rica, at Envision Festival. It was my 2nd time in Costa Rica, but my first time at this particular festival. I was with a small group of friends, and we flowed with the night's breeze, wandering about, enjoying the wafting sounds from the stages, and floating to wherever our intuition guided us.

It was night time by this point. The vast, starlit sky was so stunning that we periodically stopped just to marvel at the magnetic beauty above, and to feel that space, between us and the stars.

With red wine in one hand, a delicious mushroom chocolate in the other, and amazing people by my side, I was feeling very much in my element, and it was what my soul had hungered for for quite some time. We found ourselves standing at the foot of Sol stage. I can't remember what drew us there exactly because what we saw afterwards captured our full attention.

Now, before I get into detail with how it was for me to experience this live act, I want to share just a little bit of my story.

I'm a 23 year old, full-time circus and dance performer from a small, magical place in B.C. Canada. called Vancouver Island. I never thought I would leave my island life. It was peaceful, it was home, and well, the people I cared about and grew up with didn't want me to leave either. But as of last year, I made the move to Vancouver, and it was all very surreal, but something within my heart beckoned me to make that challenging transition. And so I did, with intense aspirations of learning, and expanding as a performer. Almost a year after experiencing the most epic opportunities that life has bestowed upon me so far, I started visualizing a deep internal dream.

It was after a TedX talk by Mel Robbins. I played this video in the background, while I organized things in my studio. In the video, she asked her audience a question. A question that perked my attention, stopped me from what I was doing. My gaze met the screen and I was captivated. She asked,

"What do you want in your life?... Be selfish! What do you really want?"

Had she not said the words 'Be selfish' I may have not reflected as deep as I did, because in this day and age, that can be viewed as a negative notion. But a reflection made itself known to me, one that had always been there within, but had found a new depth of self-realization...

My dream - and this is my first time sharing this publicly - Is to travel the world, with an enchanting performance troupe that mesmerizes, bewitches and inspires their audience, with stunning beauty incorporating fire, aerials, contortion, belly dance and music. Making it a multi faceted piece that would captivate those that could truly appreciate the infusion of mediums. In my mind, this was a fantasy. A dream, that I justified by telling myself,

"No dream is too big. Everything starts off merely as an idea."

Well, back to Envision Festival in Costa Rica, I'm standing at the foot of this stage and I see a male performer of Quixotic named Mikey Bravo. He spun around in the CYR wheel, and I took it in fully, unaware that this was only just the beginning of the most epic, live, troupe performance I've ever seen.

He spun, in sync with the music, exuberating a powerful strength that created an air of curiosity in the crowd to see what was next.

He finished on the last beat of the song, with intensity, and with grace and the crowd cheered, as the next acts from this group graced the stage.

There were two women, strapped in hip harnesses and to my delight, they were lifted up and stunned the crowd with an absolutely incredible aerial duo act. Spiraling around one another, making the most beautiful of shapes with their bodies. It was what circus duality dreams were made of, and I stared in awe as they took everyone's breath away with such poise and synchronicity.

A man named Shane Borth, who appeared to be the DJ, stepped away from his set-up, walked to the edge of the stage and just ripped it up on his violin. Now, the energy was already enchanting to behold, but the sounds of the violin just made the energy all the more rich and divine.

And just when I thought it couldn't be any more epic,

his violin had erupted in flames while he was still ecstatically lost in the sounds he was creating.

Seen below in this video, is an example of Quixotic's live projection mapping experience, which they presented in Costa Rica. It was innovative, exciting and this collaboration of dance, combined with visual art was something to behold. A storytale performance piece, composed with the human form, movement and expression.

The last act of theirs that I caught, featured the beautiful Shakti energy that is Ishani Ishaya. The moment I saw her, I viewed her as the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen on the planet. I had been in discussion with a friend at the time, to create me a fire crown. And here was this goddess, gracing the stage with her powerful presence, with a massive fire crown and adorned in stunning bellydance attire, that dangled and glimmered against her skin. I was affirmed right then and there my life purpose. I was open, I was inspired, I was liberated. I also felt at peace with any parts of me that may have still thought that this dream of mine was concocted only within my own mind's eye, and thought that it was beyond reach. Making the whole experience potent, and something I'll look back on with happiness, for the rest of my life.

Thank you to Quixotic for sharing your energy with us at Envision Festival 2017. It is with great pleasure, I share with my readers an exclusive interview with the founder & creative director of Quixotic in the next couple weeks, along with some Q&A with Quixotic performers...


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With love, thank you to my readers!

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